Second Life

Some time ago I read about this concept called “Second Life” in the free newspaper “24 Timer“. It’s an online virtual world in which you have a character to represent the real you. Second Life is also used by companies around the world to promote themselves – they might even have a virtual replica of their real company in Second Life. Some of them even take building a company to a whole new level, by running a 100% vurtual company inside Second Life!

I don’t reject the concept – I see a lot of possibilities in regards of communication and networking, but I can’t help to think that there might be people out there who spend ALL their waking hours playing this game, missing out on the beauty of the real world.
Here’s a comment from a user on YouTube:

LOL. Your “second life” is sitting in front of your monitor, watching your little plastic looking avatar for hours a day. You slowly become disassociated from yourself, just like psychotic people do in their first life. Oh, and you also get to buy lots of stuff for your retard plastic avatar. Have fun. Spend money. LOL.


Very well put. I fear that this fake world will “steal” a lot of physical work force from our real world. Sure, maybe it’s fun to build a house in Second Life, but it will never manifest itself in the real physical world. That’s one of the problems. They are all useless elements with one purpose alone: to lure people into becoming players and eventually slaves – living out their second lives, oblivious to the fact that even though the laws of nature might not apply to the game, they ARE affected by them in real life. And before they know it, they’re 70 years old, dead in front of the monitor while their young avatar grins at them…
Ever watched The Matrix? – The entire population of the planet is hooked up to a virtual / fake world in order to serve dominating machines by providing them with the energy produced by their own bodies. With Second Life in action, we are one step closer to reaching scenario like that.

Current residents of Second Life: 1,916,100.

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