At first I thought I didn’t have that much to transport to Viby, but I guess I was wrong… Finn couldn’t fit it all on the trailer, so I had to put it in the storage room for me to pick up in wednesday (my grandparents agreed to give a helping hand, which really means a lot to me). I’m not happy about storing my stuff in the cellar for two days though. There are A LOT of thieves in this building! People have no moral these days. Absolutely NONE!
Battle plan for the coming days:

29th –  Before Morten is taking over my place at 14:00, I have to pack by bags so I’m ready to leave by train.

30th – Sleeping for the first time in my new room :p

31st – Going to Kolding to load the stuff from the storage room into the car of my grandparents, and then we’re off to Viby.

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