This is how my new room looks like. I just wanted to post this picture. I’m absolutely busted from all the moving around today… Cheers! …and yup, that box is my chair, hehe. I’ll pick up my REAL chair when I return to Kolding tomorrow :p

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  1. majann says:

    looks nice……looks like a place, where you can get your work done, and stay for a short while…’ll come around to it….moving is a great deal, and mostly tappes you for energy…it’ll pass! :) Good luck! :)

  2. HHHEEEEEEEYYYY Jokke, here is me again! Now again from a different country (the country I will not name).

    I know moving is devestating (I do it about once a month nowadays :P), but also exhilirating as it also is a new start, something fresh. So gather some fesh energy and let the new fresh day inspire you to do new and exciting things I would say.

    Hey but I also expect some pics of the outside of the room soon of course! :D Or are you just going to live in your room :P

  3. JoKKe-svin says:

    You’re SO right Majann :) definitely a place where I can “stay for a short while”. I already feel at home, and the people I live with are SO nice. I still haven’t met the last one yet: Lennart.

  4. JoKKe-svin says:

    At first it was scary, but I actually feel really good right now :D I think it’ll be awesome. Everyone has been SO nice to me so far. I LIKE!
    Oh, I took some more pics btw, but I’m sure you already noticed that :p

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