More pics :)

Ooookay, so I just took some more snapshots from my new crib in da hood, hehe. Enjoy! Damn, I gotta take some pics of the guys who live here too! Well, that’ll have to be tomorrow.

This is the driveway. Photo of the year! Hehe.

Front door looking out.

Bathroom nr. 1 (yup, we’ve got two motherfucking toilets!).

Hallway looking at the entrance of my room :)

THE KITCHEN! Social hot spot of the house.

Cleaned up A LOT today! I litteraly “attacked” my areas of the kitchen: bottom drawer, shelf number two, the microwave and the fridge. They sure needed a bit of cleaning too, hehe (no offence Finn). I made a deal with Michael to clean up the bathrooms this friday, so I’m looking forward to that. Hmm, it actually feels pretty good to clean up. I haven’t always felt like that, but it’s a good thing none the less :p

There’s a supermarket not far from here – about 1 km I would think. Sun was shining when I went there, and it seems to be a really nice neighbourhood :)

These are the ONLY “major” problems I have so far:

– There’s a water heater next to my room which is placed on the wall. It’s making a loud clicking-sound every now and then. Quite annoying actually, but I hope I’ll get used to it… I have to sleep with ear plugs though.

– There’s no washing machine here, so we have to either wash by hand or take the bus into town to wash it there. First problem is the worst though… Well, you can’t win ’em all I guess.

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