Wuhu, Bingo-foto at the mall agreed to let me change the PowerShot A620 for another cam! Unfortunately they were sold out of the Sony CyberShot DSC-N1 wich I also had in mind before buying the Canon. So, they arranged for one of their co-stores to send one over on wednesday. Then I’ll buy it – and hopefully there won’t be any defects this time to spoil everything!!
It’s a shame that I won’t have a cam at the graduation party tomorrow. I was totally looking forward to taking a lot of snap shots…

Well, I have to get a memory stick anyways so I guess I won’t be able to shoot until sometime friday (if I order the memory stick tomorrow or thursday).

I can’t seem to settle on how I want the header of my blog to look… hmm, I’m gonna try out some different things until I get it right :p

When it comes to creating my portfolio, things are moving kind of slow at the moment. Maybe because there are a couple of major events coming up: graduation party and “Sankt Hans” (dunno what it’s called in english… probably not Saint Hans *Gg*).

09:30 tomorrow I’ll be working out at City Fitness! It’s been around a month since I last worked out… that’s fucked up. However, by playing a lot of football, I feel that my good shape is slowly coming back *yay*.

Dyed my hair brown/black today. The first hair-dresser I went to wanted 300 DKK for a dy! Then I checked out another hair-dresser (located to the right of Tordenskjold). They were significantly cheaper: only 120 for a dy!

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