Bought the A620

Okay, I bought the Canon PowerShot A620. Came home, unwrapped it, threw in some batts. and started test-shooting. Moments later, I noticed a defect on the camera –> the slider that enables you to switch between shooting mode and preview mode didn’t respond when pushing it to the right. On top of that, the images I tranferred to my computer all had a blue spot in the exact same place.

I jumped on my bike and headed back to the mall to complain. They gave me a new one and I went back home. Now you would think that everything is just fine and dandy, however, I can’t forget the defect and CCD-error from the first cam they sold me. It’s taking away all the pleasure in handling the camera. So, I really want to swop it for another brand / type. That should be possible since they didn’t make a fuzz when I came in the first time. And I’m willing to pay a bit more to get a camera that has good carma. As it is right now, the PowerShot A620 sits in the box. I don’t really feel like using it a all, and that kind of sucks :s

Monday = replacement day (hopefully) – else, I’ll have to sell the cam… and I’m not a salesman!

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