Weird, just weird

Geeez, I think it’s the all time weirdest project I’ve EVER worked on. Not weird as in “wow, look at those huge flying elephants under the ceiling“. No, it’s a different kind of weird. A weird that’s difficult for me to describe in words. You really have to BE there to feel the weirdness. Today wasn’t that bad, but when I look at how the overall process has turned out to be, I have to admit that it’s been, well… weird :s Okay, I’ll leave it at that!

Holy crap, I REALLY have to send a letter to my dad soon. I feel so bad not having written him in over a month. The last “letter” I wrote was a post card… not a real letter. Tomorrow I’ll do it! I’ve got great paper and great envelopes and great stamps, so all i need to do is write a great letter to my old man :D

What I wish for my birthday / Christmas? Hmm:

  • Black running suit (NewLine)
  • Black running shoes
  • Writable DVD-R’s (not +R’s)
  • A new bed, cause the one I have now SUCKS big time!
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