Just back from a tiny weekend on Fan¯ with my grandparents. I really enjoy visiting them. It’s nice way to get away from work and relax (and get spoiled). Once again I was out riding my grandfathers “scooter”. The one thing i DON’T like about that, is the helmet. It’s BUTT UGLY! Actually it’s a bicycle helmet, so it doesn’t matter if I wear it or not – either way it’s illegal!

Well, this weekend passed rather quickly. Weather was absolutely awesome! I just LOVE travelling when the sun’s shining. The only crappy thing about my stay on Fan¯ was the fact that I had some sort of allergic reaction. It MIGHT be the dog, but I can¯t really tell. Basically it could be anything. Last night I couldn’t breathe, and I haven’t felt like that for YEARS! It was really uncomfortable, and I wished that I had my medicine with me (which I’d stopped using many years ago).

My grandparents talked me into wathing an episode of the danish tv series “Matador”. I think it’s the second time I’ve watched an episode of that series in its full length. Kind of boring, but I guess it gives a good impression of Denmark in the 1940’s.

Tomorrow I’m going to a jewellery store to see if they can “shrink” my fathers ring to fit my finger. I’m really worried that it might slip off my finger one day. That would be SO terrible! It is the one thing I would NEVER want to loose… EVER! It will be on my finger from now until the end of time (powerful expression huh?). No seriousely, it means a lot to me…

Oh yeah, I “clean” forgot to ask the dry cleaner about how he actually cleans the clothes. Oh well, Google or Wikipedia might give me an answer to my question. Speaking of Google: I think they bought YouTube or something. Hmm, Google is slowly consuming the entire internet and soon they’ll own the world!

Imagine a World of Google. It would be refered to as “Wog” (and I don’t mean WoG as in “wok” – the kitchen accessory!).

In the World of Google you would NEVER loose anything! No more “Hey, I can’t find the car keys!”. It’ll be like: “Wait a minute honey, I’ll just google them for ya!”.

Or a “Wog re-make” of the scene from Dirty Harry: Clint says: “Do you feel lucky? Well do ya’?” and the guy lying on the ground would pull out his laptop and press the “I feel lucky” button on Google.com. That would undoubtably add a new dimension to the movie!

Or perhaps it would be more suitable to press the “I feel lucky” button at the poker table? – I’d just pray that it doesn’t pull up some sleasy porn site in front of the dealer!

Enough about that! As for my logo: daaamn it’s difficult to do this “heraldik” thing. I think the best way to do it, is to do the final logo sketch by hand, and THEN tranfer it to Illustrator. Right now I’m sketching in Illustrator, which is SO time consuming.

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