How hard can it be?!

Yet another day of searching for a name! I think the names we chose to present to JPD were super cool, but apparantly they had other ideas, so they went thumbs down on ’em. Well, today we’ve come up with even more names – and actually some pretty good ones too. Tomorrow we’re going to select the best ones and make a list for JPD to look at at the next meeting.

I’ve started working on my own logo. It’s not really a typical logo as you might know it from Nike, it’s more a decoration of some sort. The genre is called “Heraldik” (In english “Heraldry”) –> check it out! Thank you Helle for bringing this new word into my vocabulary :)

I’m planning on getting it printet on a t-shirt, and if I’m lucky I might win a competition I saw on a web site some time ago. If you make a design they want to print, then you get a t-shirt with your own print for free :p

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