After Effects weekend

Wauw, I’ve learned a lot of useful new stuff in After Effects these last couple of days. I had to dedicate quite some time to it, but I really feel that I’ve improved my skills. It’s the best software I’ve ever used (only topped by Photoshop). I cant’ even begin to imagine how the developers managed to code all that (and I don’t really want to either) but it must’ve taken a LOOONG time! Well, the outcome is a true blessing to all creative minds out there. After Effects – If you were a lady, I’d marry you! – and then we would have little key frame kids! Okay, that was nerdy… better stop here.

The thing is, I’m in the making of a rather weird animation featuring a coupple of cats, a meerkat / surikat and a fish. Don’t even ask! Hehe. I’ll be sure to post some screens of the project when it’s all done and rendered. Ah what the hell, here’s a little sneak peak for ya’:


Just a quick low quality rendition from After Effects. No colour grading or background yet. Would be fun to hear what you guys think / feel when you see this image…

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2 Responses to After Effects weekend

  1. Like I already said friday: sheer genius and fucking hilarious. It’s going to be a sure winner! Where did you get the mouth and eye captures from actually?

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Hey champ! The eyes of these two cats are actually their original eyes – with some adjustments to the black center of each eye (for animation purposes). I’ve used my own mouth (recorded with my digtal cam and then masked in After Effects with a feather effect to the mask, to make the mouth blend with the face). I’ve done quite a lot of manual animation of the masks as the mouths are sometimes moving up and down a lot :)

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