I just had my fathers ring corrected at a jewellery store, and wow did he do a good job! When I brought it there, it was all out of shape and difficult to put on AND it was a bit too wide, so I was worried it might slip of my finger one day. Now, everything has been corrected and he even cleaned up the ring – all the “dirt” (or whatever it was) so it’s like wearing a completely new ring. It’s all shiny and fits perfectly now :D

Oh yeah, I’m currently working on some more “TUTORIALS”, and I’ll upload them on (I’ll let you know when they’re up!). Basically it’s a series about how to draw childish – you know, house, tree, sun, matchstick man…

This morning I got some books on Heraldry, and I must say they really knew what they were doing back in the middle age! DAAAMN they made some kick ass decorations! I’m not going to follow the rules of making real heraldry, but it’ll still look kind of medieval when it’s done :p There’s nothing like a good knight vs. knight duel on horseback!! BRING IT OOOOON!

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