Cozy X-mas :p

That was a sweet-ass Christmas with LOADS of presents under the ‘ol tree. We celebrated it at the house of my aunt in Svendborg (which is becoming a tradition). Last year I celebrated it with my mom and grandparents on Fanø. Anyway, the food was perfect and it was quite nice to have the family gathered like that. I think we were around 11 at the table :p My cousin Mikkel gave me some advice on starting up a company, and he told me that he’d look into the ISO when he got home. I really appreciate that! He’s got a little kid (Mikkel jr.) whom I played around with before we “attacked” the presents, hehe. I think he’s around 4 years old, but he’s already got the manners of an adult. He was as patient as can be, and he even asked if he could leave the table! Awesome kid! And I also met Linda for the first time (my cousin’s girlfriend). She’s really sweet and down to earth :) I have to visit them when I get to Copenhagen again!

As for the presents I got: I’m now equiped with a running/training suit, which is ultra light weight and smooth. It’s just sitting there in my closet waiting for me to use it. I can’t wait! :p

Well, I slept there for the night and drove with my grandparents to my mom where I stayed for a day. Then I went to Fanø for a couple of days and now I’m FINALLY home again! – not for long though… Tomorrow I’m headed for Fyn to kick off the New Year with my friend Sylvester (Sylle) who invited me to this combined kobber wedding / New Year’s party at Hågerup forsamlingshus. I have NO idea where that is, but it sound like a small place in the middle of nowhere, hehe. I think it’ll be interesting.

This is what I’ll be wearing for the party :p

Well, all there’s left to say now is: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you suckers out there ;) Watch out for the bangs and kabooms and you’ll be fine!

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