Letter to Slovenia :)

Here’s a little video I recorded with my digital camera. It’s edited with Final Cut Pro, Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop, and it’s filled with positive thoughts :D I’m gonna send her the link to the movie after I’ve posted this…

The link to the video will be here soon…

Hmm, that’s pretty much how I spend my sunday. I’d better go to bed now, it’s kind of late… I have a feeling as if I’ve forgotten something though. Hmm… It’s probably nothing.

Aah OF COURSE! I’ve been more creative today than I thought – I also drew this tutorial, wich means I’ve got around 10 tutorials now. I’m gonna keep ’em coming, and in the end I’ll have enough for a book. Then I’ll ask some editors if they’ll publish them. That’d be awesome :)

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