My year 2006 in headlines!


I found out about Scott Hansen and his company ISO50!

DR-UNG bought the 2-second animation I made for them :) It was also shown later this month (the 18th).

I recieved death treats in my guest book because of the video “Hjælp mig Pia!”.

Upgrade from Wacom Graphire 3 A5 to Wacom Intuos 3 A5.


Started out this month with an awesome 80’s party at Line’s place :D

I met a wonderful girl, and we had some really great moments together.

The best “fastelavns fest” of my life!

Love and good times :)


And a lot more love and good times this entire month :) I will never forget what happened. I truly had the time of my life…

Costume party at Jernbanegade. I was an agent from CTU :p

I was interviewed for a programme on DR1 called “Sådan ligger landet”.

Helsinki / St. Petersburg – a trip that changed a lot of things. Some for the better, and some for the worse :(


Goin’ down… I feel empty and lost like something is missing. And it is…

Writing my blog in English for a change.

Working on the material for the 2006 Graduates

Trying to work on the theoretical part of the GUE assignment.


Struggling with the 3rd year bachelor (theoretical part) and the Graduation 2006 project.

Realizing a lot of things about my own personality…

Graduation 2006 poster printed :)


Working our asses off trying to make the deadlines of the Graduation 2006 project.

I bought the Canon PowerShot A620.

Changed the PowerShot A620 for a Sony CyberShot DSC-N1.

Graduation party and the missing goodbye :'(

Visited CAT Productions in Århus to talk to them about having me as an intern.


Vacation on Fanø, driving around on a scooter trying to forget the broken heart.

Vacation in Faaborg, in a row boat trying to forget the broken heart (still!).

Preparing for my vacation in Spain.

Spontanious meeting with a girl I chatted with a couple of times.


Summer assignment because I missed some lectures :(

Awesome 1 month vacation in Spain with a lot of good memories. It was so nice to see my dad again!


Mac screen fucked. It’s distorted and flickering…

Foolin’ around with a girl.

Starting up the JPD project – group work with students from 5th year.

Found some nice music: iMOGEN HEAP. Love it!


Writing and sending letters to people I love.

I won free tickets for the movie “Fidibus”.

Working on my new signature and my new site / portfolio.


My new portfolio is finally up and running after a lot of work.

My mother and K. visit me in Kolding and we check out the movie Borat :p

Working on t-shirt prints for the site

Working on an animation for a competition on DR 1 (Numa Cat).

I was “teacher” for a good 20 minutes at the Capitalis Monumentalis class. That was cool :)


I won the competition on :D

Celebrated my birthday!

Drew a protrait of my father for his 50 year birthday.

Thinking about St. Petersburg.

I wathced The Godfather for the first time. Excellent movie that is!

Went to Copenhagen to be a part of the last programme of Spam this year (I’m on TV!)

First time I shipped a package through UPS. That was expensive :o

Had a sweet Christmas in Svendborg with the family.

Had a weird but fun New Year’s party

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4 Responses to My year 2006 in headlines!

  1. majann says:

    Hey, I just realized that I’ve “known” you for over siks months!! :) Not bad eyh!!
    Your year seemed more fun in many ways…I need a life, and i need to get on with this boy “of mine”……….damn!

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Whaaaat?! Has it really been that long? I can’t believe how time can pass so rapidly… But hey, I still like you after six months, hehe. That’s a good thing.

    Thanks a lot for inspiring me to do this “overview of the year”. It felt really strange being able to do it, but now I have a much clearer picture of how I’ve travelled through the year – mentally aswell.

    Looking back I realize that in 2006 I’ve had the best time of my life, and I’ve had the worst time of my life.

    And I’m sure that you had just as much fun :D Reading your blog, surely gives me the impression that you have a life, so don’t even start :p

  3. majann says:

    Hehe…..good to know it at least seems like I have a life! haha…..I know the feeling though…realizing what made the weeks and months pass so fast! It feels kind of good, ’cause I sure have been worried sometimes….. :)

    And hey – I still like you too – not bad!! ;p

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