My year 2007 in headlines!


I talked to Agnete Holk at Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten about a potential internship for me.

Spend the 2000 DKK I won in a competition on clothes in Z-UP at the mall.

Finally I broke the “evil circle” of me not going out (partying with my friends).

Bought a “pocket bag” from

Started looking for a place to stay in Århus (for my internship at Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten).

Began “Project Bazh” – a stage show animation for Chris Bash.

Found a place to live in Århus (Stavtrup) pretty close to Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten :)

Found a guy who wanted to rent my place during my internship in Århus. What luck!

Got an A for the JPD project!

Some idiot stole my Diesel jeans and army-green shirt from the drying room in the cellar!

Finished “Project Bazh” and learned a lot of After Effects in the process.

Moved to Viby, Århus.


First day at Jyllands-Posten.

I discovered the lake Brabrand close to my new room in Stavtrup. Beautiful!

My first illustration for a newspaper!

Bought my first pair of shoes for running and started running.

First paycheck from Jyllands-Posten :)


Had my first night shift at Jyllands-Posten.

Saving up for a MacBook Pro.

My first front page graphic for Jyllands-Posten :D

Bought an 80 gb iPod.

Bought an iPod HiFi.

Bought a Lacie external HD (500 GB).

I’m running a lot down by the lakes :)

No “summer assignment” for me after all (punishment for missing lectures at Designskolen Kolding) :D

Party with my friend Sylle in Århus :p


More running – I’m getting into shape. Good shape!

Easter hollydays: Fanø + Faaborg.

My leg hurts (probably from all the running!).

I’m really happy :D

Exploring the area around Stavtrup.

Bought my first pair of InLiner skates. Tested them at the lakes. Great fun :)

Got the external HD I ordered online.

Met Lyuba for the first time down at the lakes :D


Went to see OB – FCK in Parken with some buddies from high school.

Working on my report on my internship.

Just more work at Jyllands-Posten…


Finished my internship report.

My leg was infected after some weird insect bite :s

Tried Wacom Cintiq for the first time! Awesome tool!

Can’t focus on work – thinking about summer and vacations.

Made a logo suggestion for “Ny Alliance”.

Ordered a MacBook Pro form

Made a huge graphic for Tour De France.


Internship at Jyllands-Posten over :(

Letting my hair grow…

Ordered “Wireless” for my StofaNet setup.

I got a profile on

Hanging out with Lyuba :)

Got my new MacBook Pro :D YES!!

Got my new bed from JYSK (and got rid of the 20 year old one!)

Bought tickets for my vacation in Spain :p

Went to Grøn Koncert for the first time (Kolding).


BBC (Spun Gold TV) buys my Numa Kat animation.

Vacation in Spain.

My dad gave me an acoustic guitar.

I saw BIKOKA for the first time (the newly opened store co-owned by my aunt Ton).

Rock concert in Pineda with my cousin Adrià and the crew.

I saw my dad’s new VOLVO truck. Sweet!

Joined a protest in Malgrat de Mar against cutting down the old trees in the village.

Spend my last two days in Barcelona with Eva-Maria.

Went to Århus to visit Lyuba after my landing in Kastrup!


First day in school – 5th year design student! YES!

Tried Paintball for the first time. Ouch!

Celebrated my grandmothers 80th year birthday in Svendborg.

Selvvalg #1 begins (Anders and I want to start up a company).

E-types re-designs identity of Designskolen Kolding. It sucks!

ISO50 / Scott Hansen starts blogging!

Birthday party in Solbjerg.


Working on Keynote presentation of company idea.

Concert with Figurines at Voxhall, Århus.

Ordered a t-shirt from

Got the 3 posters I ordered from

Hooked on LOMO :p Thanks to Scott Hansen…

Ordered a LOMO LC-A+ from

Got my LOMO cam :p

Selvvalg #1 presentation not so great :s We need more visuals!

Celebration: Lyuba and I have been together for 1/2 year now :)

Letter from my uncle Llorenç.


Shot my first roll of 35 mm LOMO :p

Changes to my heraldy-logo.

Making a new design for my blog / site (though not implemented).

Very interested in cross-processing / xpro!

Still working on presentation of company idea (Selvvalg #2)

Installed Leopard – it’s buggy!

Bought new shoes (Fred Perry).

Gift for my dad’s 51 year birthday – a kaleidoscope.


Installed Call Of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare. It’s AWESOME!

Friday bar at school (Gammel Dansk Bar III) where I performed on stage by singing a little song :p

I turned 24!

Working a lot on the selvvalg #2 presentation!

My grandparents gave me a mini oven for my birthday.

My ring broke, but I had it repaired at PLAZA.

Tanja sends me Fruit Roll-Ups from USA.

Exam passed! Graduation 2008 here we come!

Scott Hansen mentions me his blog!

Making great dishes in my new oven :p

Great Christmas on Fanø at my grandparents with Lyuba.

Bought BluePhone Elite 2.

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