My Year 2011 In Headlines


Teaching Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash at Rødding Højskole.


Teaching Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash at Rødding Højskole.

Rockin’ the kitchen with a three course menu.


Wrote a poem.

Pulled myself together and made yet another tutorial: How To Impress A Goat. (wauw, busy month huh?)

New Barq project: Promo animation. Screens from that animation.

Finally got an invite to the awesome site dribbble :)


Wrote another poem.

Helping my mom with garden work. Jonas also chipped in.

Entered Fjordens Dag poster competition with this entry.


Photo shoot at Kolding Harbor with Tanja.


Grilling at Rebæk Beach with my buddies.


Finished this Vox Pop video.

Finally got my first smart phone, replacing a terribly outdated Nokia dumb phone.

Discovered the awesome RadioLab podcast though my friend Jonas.

Working my ass off on the Barq promo animation.

Celebrating my mom turning 60 with a nice visit to the café Madam Mokka (which has now changed name to The Mokka Café)


Vacation in Spain begins.


Teaching Photoshop (focus on illustration) at Designskolen Kolding.

Mom travels to Tarifa on yet another adventure.

New Barq project: Credin bageripartner.

Trying out VYou once again.


Anders helps me out and installs a new fan in my Mac. Best fix ever! Thanks :)

Made a shared birthday present for my girlfriend Line’s brother and his wife.

Steve Job’s died :(

Teaching Illustrator and After Effects at Rødding Højskole.

Entered the Aarhus Festuge logo competition with this concept.


Teaching Illustrator and After Effects at Rødding Højskole.

Bought Minecraft with 15% discount.

My SSD harddisk died.

Concert with L.O.C. at Godset in Kolding with Line.

Anders installs my replacement SSD drive. Thanks :)


Celebrating a cozy Christmas and a sushi New Year with Line :)

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2 Responses to My Year 2011 In Headlines

  1. EN says:

    Mom turning 50??? Det var nu 60…..

  2. Jokke-svin says:

    Sorry hehe. Det vidste jeg jo godt. Har rettet det.

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